Pre-school news 

Learning journeys 
Little Chestnuts appreciate the information provided by parents in the 'All about me' books, this helps to assist your child's developmental records and help us to develop each child's next steps and learning plans. 
Parent and key person meetings 
There will be an oppurtunity for parents to speak to their child's Key Person and look through their Learning Journey and discuss next steps, as well as any concerns or worries you may have in an arranged meeting; parents will be notfied of dates and times. 
The booking form will be available in the main entrance, however, If you wish to have an evening appointment or a home visit please speak to Andrea or Emma to arrange a convenient time for both parents and key person. 
These meetings are an important part of our parental involvement agreement and provide information for parents and Key Persons about every child in the setting. 
If you are unable to attend, or have any questions, please speak to Andrea. 
Little Chestnuts wish to 'Thank' all parents' for their continued support witih our fundraising events; all proceeds go towards vital resources for the children. 
Hot Meals 
We now offer hot meals at least once a week, typiclaly Wednesdays. Children get to prepare and eat their own lunch, providing them with the early skills of being independent.  
General Reminders 
As the weather starts to turn, please could all children bring a coat, and wear appropriate shoes. 
We have a selection of Wellie boots that the children can use but if you wish for them to have their own pair please bring them into pre-school with your child’s name clearly marked on them. 
We will be going outside in our garden and mud kitchen area, or visiting the allotment most sessions, so Wellie boots need to be available every session please. 
Life skills 
To encourage independence, and learn skills that will help them as they get older, could we ask that each child walks in to pre-school, hangs their belongings on their coat hook, and finds their name on the register board as they enter the setting. 
During the session we encourage the children to wash their hands and go to the toilet independently, with an adult assisting when necessary. We encourage all our children to pour their own drink at snack time, and select their snack from the options available. Starting this week, to further enhance life skills and gain independence, they will be able to wash up and dry their plate and cup! 
Key Person and Tapestry Update 
We started to use tapestry last term and have received great feed back from parents/careers, you have enjoyed seeing what your child has achieved and been involved with during session, we have loved the comments you have left and the pictures of home learning and activities at home. Your comments and feedback are important as these contribute to your child’s development record and learning journey. 
To strengthen our key person system, we have developed the self- registration board, each key person will have a colour and their photograph on the board with their key children’s photograph underneath, the children will still need to find their name and place it below the photo; this will help the children and parents/careers to recognise their key person. 
Your key person is there for you to discuss your child’s development, any concerns you or the key person may have about your child’s behaviour or development, and to discuss any other matters with you. This may be at the beginning or end of the session, if you require more time and a quieter place to discuss matters please arrange this with your key person.  
Please do not use tapestry to discuss any concerns these are best discussed with a member of staff 
Parental Involvement  
Activities will be set for you and your children do at home, these will be based on our topic, please post any photos of your child completing home learning onto tapestry, or email them to us, we can then add them to your child’s learning journey. 
We welcome any parent or carer, grandparent, auntie, uncle or friend, who wishes to stay and help during a session, if you wish to do so please speak to Andrea to arrange a day. 
As part of our information sharing you will receive weekly updates either through email or text, informing you of events, and home learning, also reminders of any outstanding forms and fees. 
Up and coming events for your diary  
Good Friday - CLOSED 
Easter Half Term 31st March - 15th April 
Summer Term Starts 16th April 2018 
May Half Term 25th May - 3rd June 2018 
Summer Term 4th June 2018 
Summer Term Ends 20th July 2018 
Stay & Play Sessions To be confirmed - Term Tme Only 
Cheeky Chimps 2017 Dates; 
Thursday 22nd March 2018 
£4.00 per session. 
Easter Party Thursday 29th March 2018 


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